DTH KIG Headshot

Business Insurance Session

Diane T. Keil-Hipp, CPRM

Chief Operations Officer, Knight Insurance Group

Diane T. Keil-Hipp is Chief Operations Officer of Knight Insurance Group, in Toledo, Ohio, where she has worked since 1985.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business and a Master of Organization Development.  She is currently pursuing her doctorate in Organization Development.

While a graduate student, Diane developed an Organization Development concept, called Gainsharing, for insurance agencies.  For several years, she taught the principles of Gainsharing to agency owners and managers.  Additionally, Diane consulted with insurance agencies on workflow design, bonus programs, and job design.  She has served on the Ohio Insurance Agents Association board, government affairs, and internship committees.  She served on the Westfield Agents Association board, and sits on the Bowling Green State University Insurance Committee.  Diane’s research interests include resistance to change, organizational culture, and leadership.